Privacy Policy of the Union of Icelandic Electrical Workers (RSÍ), (the union)

We at RSÍ are proud of the services that we provide and the trust that our members show to the union. We are aware that to maintain this trust and to ensure professionalism in our work, we must ensure that the privacy of our members is protected. This privacy policy describes our procedures as they relate to the personal information we accept, process and delete.  

Collection and use of personal information. 

  • RSÍ processes the personal information of its members and preserves such information in its information systems. 
  • RSÍ places great importance on ensuring the safety of its members’ personal information. 
  • RSÍ ensures that all personal information is treated in accordance with laws, regulations and rules on personal protection. 
  • RSÍ only processes the personal information needed to be able to provide the services that the union is duty bound to provide to its members. 
  • RSÍ undertakes to not use member information in any manner not provided for by laws and regulations. 
  • All information that RSÍ members provide to the union or which RSÍ collects with their permission from a third party is collected for the sole purpose of providing members with the services to which they are entitled. 
  • All RSÍ employees undertake, insofar as laws and courts permit, to maintain confidentiality about whatsoever they may become aware as regards the members of RSÍ. 
  • The personal information of RSÍ members is only accessible to RSÍ employees who, due to the nature of their work, need to have access to such information. 
  • The obligation of confidentiality of RSÍ employees remains in effect after the employee has left the employ of RSÍ. 
  • RSÍ uses personal information solely for the purpose for which such information was collected.

Personal information disclosed to a third party. 

  • RSÍ reserves the right to share personal information with a third party to the extent needed to provide services to members and to fulfil the obligations of the union. 
  • RSÍ will not agree to share personal information with any third party unless the union is under obligation to do so according to law, court ruling or at the request of a member. 

Deletion of personal information. 

  • Personal information will be deleted in a secure manner, if a member so requests and laws and regulations do not provide otherwise. 
  • Personal information in accounting data is preserved for 7 years. 
  • Sensitive personal information is deleted as soon as no longer needed. 

Service partners (Processors).

  • RSÍ works with trusted partners who are responsible for the processing of personal information, its preservation and deletion. RSÍ shares personal information with such partners to the extent necessary and as permitted by members. 
  • RSÍ has organised its storage and processing of personal information with processors so that the information is securely protected. 


Access to personal protection information and deletion. 

  • RSÍ members can request access to their personal information, and RSÍ will provide access to such information. 
  • Members may request that RSÍ delete personal information about them. If laws or rules do not prevent such action, the information will be securely deleted. 

Security measures. 

  • RSÍ uses a variety of methods to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands. 
  • RSÍ will notify members of any security breach as provided for by law in the event that it is revealed that personal information has been provided to a third party. 

Data Protection Officer (DPO). 

  • RSÍ has recruited Ólafur Karl Eyjólfsson, attorney, as the Data Protection Officer of RSÍ. 
  • RSÍ members can send a message to Ólafur Karl Eyjólfsson if they are of the opinion that their personal information has been incorrectly collected, processed or deleted. 
  • Messages can be sent to  

Changes to the personal privacy policy. 

  • RSÍ will change its personal privacy policy if necessary. The effective term of each version is the period in which it is displayed on the website of RSÍ, 

Effective term. 

  • This personal privacy policy applies as of 25 May 2018.